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Rapid deployment of campaign landing pages


One Page Sites is a modern publishing framework for fast & consistent management of campaign and landing pages. It brings together enterprise publishing tools with advanced form workflows and commerce to the best open source publishing software.


Designed to be customised

Have the modules customised to your brand style-guide to work, create alternated layouts available from advanced settings, animate and integrate to deliver modern immersive experiences.

Even better, publish your style-guide online using our knowledge base framework and manage the site using the same tools.

A structured approach to publishing

A structured content approach to publishing separates design from content, allowing brand managers to hand over publishing tasks without requiring each piece of content to go through a creative/design process.

The main benefits are:

  • Faster workflow
  • Standardised content
  • Consistent layouts

Introducing watermarks & stickers

Bringing the fun back to publishing.

Watermarks have been a traditional part of publishing and we're bring them into the modern digital world, assign animated .svg files as a background and place anywhere with control of opacity and rotation.

Animations in the DNA

The system is designed to work alongside javascript animation frameworks. The entire module structure can be customised to accommodate any markup structure, making it flexible for even the most complex of layouts.


One page sites knowledge base

Documentation & guides

Head over to the knowledge base to learn about the modules and how to get the best results out of the system.

Topics are grouped for easy reference:

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